Creative 50th Birthday Party Ideas

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Use our 50th birthday party ideas for planning the best 50th birthday celebration EVER!

From decoration ideas to themes, this is the source for the best party ideas. And if you don't see something or need help with ideas, you can always use the Ask the Party Expert link.

At 50th Birthday Party Ideas we will supply you with all the information you need for party planning, decorations, themes, and tons more!

Party Planning: If you need guidance getting started on your planning, we've got a fact filled guide to help you flawlessly plan a one of a kind birthday. 

Click the image below for the guide.

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50th Birthday Party Ideas for Decorations

50th birthday party decorations

50th Birthday Decoration Ideas: Decorations are a key part of any type of party.

We can help create decorations on any budget.

We have some great ideas for homemade decorations to give that personal touch.

Or even that totally unique decoration that no one else has thought of.

Gift Ideas and More

50th Birthday Gift Ideas: Use our ideas and suggestions to find the perfect just-right gift for your special fifty year old loved-one or friend.

Free 50th Birthday Cards: With that gift you definitely need a card too! You can create homemade cards, add your personal touch to a store bought card or send an eCard using free clipart from our collections.

50th Birthday Poems: Use our poems for your special event or we can help teach you how to write your own.

50th Birthday Party Themes: Check out the many fun themes you can create for your party - like a Paris theme, a masquerade, or a college days theme.

If these categories don't answer your list of questions, don't worry!

We still have the information for you! You can go on a surf through our site.

Just check the menu of topics to the left (or top for mobile.)

Each section has more info in the sub-categories, so you'll see tons more by browsing and drilling down.

And Much More

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These parties don't always need to cost a fortune, have elaborate decorations and party favors, have 1000 people in attendance, or be planned for 3 months time.

All that is needed for a great party is:


★ A plan★

★A lot of creativity.★

There are endless possibilities!

No 50th birthday party is complete without poking fun at our age. Heck! No birthday at all is fun without the age jokes. We have included a number of ideas and choices for 50th Birthday Gag Gifts as well as 50th Birthday Jokes.

50th birthday party ideas will provide you with the steps to take to plan the big day, as well as help by giving you a wealth of information, ideas, examples and more.

You won't leave disappointed, but you will be on your way to throwing the coolest 50th birthday party your friends have ever seen!

Ask The Party Expert

Our 50th birthday party ideas expert wants to be your source for ideas you may need but also to help connect with other people. 

Sharing your questions here is a great way to make sure you get ideas for the absolute best party imaginable.

And since we don't know them, there's no risk of us spilling the beans to your birthday boy/girl!

Make this day the most memorable day of their 50 years (or yours)!

50 is an important number, make the day unforgettable!

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