50th Birthday Cake Ideas

These 50th birthday cake ideas can be a lot of fun and there are tons of creative and unique ways to make these cakes. If you have the talent you can make elaborate cakes yourself, and for those with a lack in that area, you can always have one specially made.

BUT, these cakes don't have to be elaborate, they can be simple and just have a very funny saying on them!

Now, you don't have to be a professional baker to make great 50th birthday cakes!

You just need some creativity, an oven and the ingredients.

Although I'm no professional baker, in the future I am looking to try out making some cakes and I'll be sure to post the pictures on here as well!

If you try any of these cake ideas, we would love to know how they turned out!

  • Make the cake in the shape of "50", as shown here.

    Download the stencil and print on standard paper which fits perfectly on a jelly roll or half sheet pan. (Click the picture to download the PDF template.)

Bake 2 pans, cut each in the "50" shapes and then layer them. Decorate in colors to match your party theme.

cake in the shape of 50

number cake decorated

More Fun 50th Birthday Cake Ideas

coffin shaped cake

  • A cake in the shape of a coffin. Use black icing with white trim to outline the coffin.

You might also want to use one of our 50th birthday cake sayings to complete
the cake with a quirky fun saying.

"Here lies
Joey's Youth"

You can get the coffin shaped cake by trimming a rectangular shaped cake. Either use a 9 x 13 inch pan or 2 sheets stacked in layers and then trimmed. You can use fondant over cardboard for the coffin lid.

If you've never tried fondant decorating, I highly
recommend it! You can get fondant supplies here.

If you haven't seen my fondant cake examples,

check them out on the Men's 50th Birthday Cake Ideas page.

And if you want to learn to make gorgeous fondant birthday cakes yourself, check out our tutorial pages.

Really Fun 50th Birthday Cake Ideas

down hill from here
  • Cute Over the Hill Idea (like the image shown): Make a cake with a few tiers to it, round the tiers off to make it into the shape of a hill. Cover the cake with green icing, and maybe green coconut for grass, and add a little figure person at the top of the hill or just starting the journey down hill like the picture here.
  • Create or buy a cake in the shape of two feet with a toe tag attached to one of them
  • Some bakery shops and stores can print out a picture in icing to top a cake. You can pick your favorite picture, or create a collage of pictures to go on top of a cake.
  • Create or buy any cake and decorate it with 50's.
  • There's always the option of just buying a basic cake and decorating it with 50 candles, and when displaying the cake put a bucket of water beside it with a label saying "in case of fire".

decoration graphic
  • Use free clipart to design your cake's decoration as a photo image or pictures made with icing. Find clipart on the Free Birthday Cake Clipart page.
  • If your birthday person is into music, how about a guitar shape? We have a free template PDF you can download for making the perfect cake! 

These 50th birthday cake ideas don't have to be used just for fifty year olds.

You can use any cake, any style and just add to it or change it, like the number 50 or something else to personalize it to the guest of honor.

Share your creation with the world at Share Your Story. We would love to see what you achieved!

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