50th Birthday Gag Gifts

50th birthday gag gifts work best with our closest friends and dearest relatives. They are the ones we can poke fun at and have a laugh with, so just do it!!

These funny gag gifts can be home-made or store bought, either way they will always be sure to get a laugh.

The ideas are nearly endless, but one thing that they all have in common is a good laugh!

Be sure to always keep in mind the "line" do not go too far with the wrong person.

Always keep in mind the type of person you are getting the gift for.

Here are a few great ideas for giggles.

Create A "Getting Old" Survival Kit

To make this 50th birthday gag gift, start with a gift basket and fill it with things that we might need as we get older.

Here is a list of things you can add to the basket: 

  • Arthritis rub
  • "adult diapers"
  • Very strong reading glasses,
  • Metamucil or fiber drinks
  • A journal called "Memory Log"
  • Nutritional shakes
  • Bottle of candies (tic-tacs) called "Anti-Aging" pills.
  • Walking stick
  • A very large magnifying glass

Be creative! You can add anything you think would be helpful for someone who's getting older.

"50 sucks"

Design-a-Mug with "50 Sucks"

For this you need lollipops, fifty to be exact. Take these lollipops and arrange them in a vase, cup or attach them together in some manner.

On the container, write "50 sucks" in bright fun colors.

Another way to do this with the need for less lollipops is get one BIG lollipop. These large lollipops are usually plastic covered so grab a sticker and label it with "50 sucks big time".

Party in a Bag - 50th Birthday at OverTheHill.com!

Personalized 50th Birthday Items

Personalized 50th birthday gag gifts can be designed in t-shirts, travel mugs, coffee cups, key chains, ball caps, puzzles and much more.

There are so many kinds of things that can be personalized - in many price ranges, too.

If you want to do home-made, you can use permanent marker on a t-shirt, or if you want to buy something from a photo store and have it personalized with a picture.

These are great gifts because they are something personal and something they can cherish for years to come.

You can personalize using our 50th birthday sayings.

Personalized Secret Agent Cufflinks

from: A Gift Personalized

Personalized Gals Las Vegas Coaster Set of 4

from: A Gift Personalized

Personalized Cowgirl Saloon Pub Sign
from: A Gift Personalized

Personalized Ultimate Pub Set
from: A Gift Personalized

Over the Hill

The famous saying, "over the hill". This is used for many of the older milestone birthdays but I think that 50 is the top of the hill and its all down hill from there (excuse the pun!).

There are many stores that sell stuff with over the hill themes. They also have different prank gifts like candies in a pill bottle - and label the bottle of pills as "Anti-Aging" pills or something. 

Click over to our over the hill jokes for some great ways to celebrate in the classic "over the hill" style.

At Overthehill.com you can find all kinds of funny gag gifts for your party.

Over The Hill Gifts

Gag Gift Touches to Add to Your Gift

If you don't want to focus your whole gift on a gag, you can just add a touch of fun to your regular gift.

Here are some funny touches:

  • Buy a cane and decorate it with a horn, magnifying glass, bells, etc. No one will miss the slow moving person!
  • Crack filler from a hardware store and label it as "anti-wrinkle cream".
  • Create a notebook with a label on it, calling it their "memory book" so they can keep track of the memories they don't want to lose.
  • Arrange some champagne flutes and prune juice in a display for a toast to their 50th birthday.
  • Decorate their front lawn or desk at work with 50 of something (like 50 skunks or 50 large lollipops). Have a sign with something saying Happy 50th Birthday, or another joke or saying.

These are only a few of the creative ideas that could be used for 50th birthday gag gifts.

For my dad's birthday I made a card signed by everyone, but the card was huge (like 3 feet high) and with it I attached a pair of reading glasses from the dollar store.

I noted on there that these glasses were to help him see the card.

Also, I purchased a stuffed dog with big magnified glasses for everyone to sign. It had a witty saying about 50th birthday as well.

We each only turn 50 once, it's a day to have fun, so just be creative. Hope these ideas help you make the day fun and unforgettable.

Is shopping for gag gifts out of your budget??

If you need some great ideas with little cost, we also have some awesome ideas for gag gifts for 50th birthday that will cost little to nothing to give!!

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