50th Birthday Idea Party for Two

Here's a 50th birthday idea that doesn't involve planning a party. Instead, plan a special celebration just for the two of you. Check out these three 50th birthday ideas for a really special birthday party for two.

Maybe the time isn't right for a big party, or you just can't take on all the work involved in planning one right now.

Or maybe your birthday person has made you promise you would not plan a party, surprise or otherwise.

Whatever the reason, we have ideas for making your special one's 50th birthday a great kickoff for the next half century.

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50th birthday idea niagara

50th Party for Two Idea #1 - Romance

Plan a trip for two to a popular romantic spot, or just someplace you’ve never been before to make new memories.

Niagara Falls is a spectacular location if you haven’t been before.

Of course, there is Paris, where the two of you can walk hand-in-hand along the river Seine, with bread and cheese for breakfast. Visit the Rive Gauche pub for lunch, then take a Bateau boat to the shopping district and buy an expensive perfume. And for dinner, either a dinner cruise or almost any restaurant in walking distance from the river, near the Sorbonne.

What about a long weekend in Cancun Mexico. The water is crystal blue, and there are lots of things to do, day or night. Visit the ruins nearby, or shop in the markets. Lounge by the pool, or go snorkeling and para-sailing.

Visit the Great Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg in Tennessee

More ideas: Key West, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C.

50th Party for Two Idea #2 - Pampering and Indulgence

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50th birthday idea for two

A day of indulgence party for two.

Book a really fancy hotel room for two days and check in on the eve of the celebration day. If you have time, kick off the event with cocktails before bedtime in a romantic corner of the hotel bar.

Order room service and have breakfast in bed. You already scheduled massage for two for 11am, so you have plenty of time to enjoy it. Just one rule: No TV!

After your massage, return to your room for more together time, or if you prefer something more active, hit the pool for a while, then grab a snack, go shopping, or take a nap.

You’ve already planned a special dinner at the best restaurant in town, so now you should be getting ready for that. Be sure each of you orders a different dessert so you can try both of them.

Follow up your amazing dinner with a night out at a comedy club or theater.

And if at all possible, you must sleep late the next morning to properly top off the day of indulgence! Aren’t you lucky to be sharing such a scrumptious day with your 50-something special person.

Party for Two Idea #3 - Something Daring

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50th birthday hot air balloon

Do something daring.

Ride in a hot air balloon.
Take a flight in a fighter plane.
Go Bungee jumping
Spend the day together at an amusement park and do all the scary rides.
Get a tattoo
Rent a lake house and go skinny dipping.
Take a wind surfing lesson
Go roller skating (this would be daring for me ;-)
Sign up for scuba lessons and buy all your gear

We hope these Party for Two ideas will help you plan a truly memorable celebration to mark the occasion for your special person’s 50th birthday.

If they do, please tell us all about it!

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