50th Birthday Party Favors

50th birthday party favors are a nice way to remember the day. It doesn't have to be a bag full of candies and little goodies like when we were kids, but just something nice that each guest can take home as a keepsake or memento of the party.

Party favors are a must have at any kids birthday but why not surprise your guests by having a loot bags for them too!

These are best to be given out just before each guest leaves - it will ensure that they do not forget them or misplace them throughout the party. As you say your good-bye's just hand them their favor and thank them for coming.

Personalized 50th Birthday Party Favors

It is always best to personalize the party favors. This way your guests will be able to look at the favor in the future and remember back to the party - because it's got your name or picture on it. This can be something that is very inexpensive or you can spend as much as you want on - it all depends on what you have personalized.

Here are some ideas:

  • Buy some mugs and use ceramic paint to personalize them. You can write something like "Mary's 50th Birthday Party was a blast!" or "Thanks for coming to my 50th Birthday Party". If you are not the artistic type or don't have the time to paint a bunch of mugs. You can always go through a photo printing place and have a picture put on each mug with some text with a saying. This is a little more expensive but a big time saver!

  • Look through the website for photo printing places, you can also personalize a large number of items with pictures and a little saying. You can put pictures on almost anything! You can buy calendars, mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts, puzzles, key chains, etc. The possibilities are endless.

  • A great idea for a 50th birthday party favor that would be given to your guests in the days after the party, is a DVD slide show of the party. This is an inexpensive way to cherish the memories of your special day. All you have to do is make sure you take tons of pictures throughout the event and afterward jump on a computer and create a slide show of the pictures. You can even add captions for some pictures with comments on them. Once the slide show is completed you can throw it on a bunch of DVD's or CD's (depending on the size) and mail it out to all your guests. If its small enough you can even email it to people! It's a great way to capture the memories of the party.

  • Another idea for party favors are 50th Birthday T Shirts.

If you want to really throw back to your childhood memories you can create loot bags like we got when we were kids.

It's as simple as going to a dollar store and buying the bags, fun little toys and some candies (most of this is all located in the party supply section).

Add to the memory by getting the candies you loved as kids!

50th Birthday Party Favors can be a great addition to any party! Everyone appreciated memories, especially of such a great party! 

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