50th Birthday Party Invitation Wording

The 50th birthday party invitation wording is a very important part of the invite as a whole. The wording gives all the important information to get your guests to the party! It can set the mood or theme, as well as provide the party details.

The working also is the attention-getter on the front of the invitation. It makes sure your guests are excited to attend your party.

For Example:

Join us in saying happy birthday to Snow White! She is turning 50 (I know she looks great for her age!).

Her birthday is July 21st, 2012.

We've created a number of 50th birthday party invitation wording samples for Snow White's party.

Feel free to use these in your invitations, but please do not copyright or use on your website without permission.

General Invitation with No RSVP

These invitations are informal and usually light and humorous. They do have a requirement for the guest to bring something along to the party - like alcohol or food.

But no RSVP is really needed.

Ain't it Nifty,
Snow White is Fifty!!

Help Us Celebrate!

Place: Cinderella's Castle
Date: July 21st, 2012
Time: 5:00pm
Bring Your Own: Alcohol

See You There!!

This next example is also a general, informal invite, but does not have that requirement of the guests to bring something.Just telling them where the party is at.

Snow White is over the hill!!

Let's Rock and Roll!!

Join the fun at 5pm on July 21, 2012 at Cinderella's Castle!

General Invitation with RSVP

These party invitation wording is still informal but includes an RSVP. These are great for an informal gathering, but that need an idea of who will be attending. The RSVP is also informal, there is no formal RSVP to return; these just have a simple contact number or email.

50 ROCKS!!

Want to celebrate Snow White's birthday with us??

Date: July 21, 2012
Time: 5pm
Place: Cinderella's Castle

Going to be there? Call us at 123-123-1234 and let us know!

Here's another informal RSVP type of party invitation you could also use, this one uses an email type of RSVP, and could always be sent out by email as well!

We are celebrating Snow White's 50th birthday on July 21st, 2012 at 5pm. The party is at Cinderella's Castle.

If you can be there, email us at cinderella@disneymail.com

Formal Invitations

These invites are for those fancy, formal events - the ones with a dress requirement!! Penguin suits and dresses are a must!

It will be a grand even, help us commemorate fifty wonderful years for Snow White at Cinderella's Castle on July Twenty-First. The celebration commences at five o'clock.

These wordings are used for a larger event, which you need confirmation of your guest list. These are accompanied by RSVP cards to return.

Don't forget to add a prepaid return envelope so your guests can RSVP with no cost to them.

Snow Whites golden years, let us celebrate together at Cinderella's Castle on July 21, 2012.

Please return the enclosed RSVP card by June 15th to reserve your seat.

Do you need some fun and simple phrases or catchy sayings to add to the front of your invitations?? Check out our 50th birthday invitation wording.

The invitation is the first impression of your party. Make it start with a bang with these 50th birthday party invitation wording samples.

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