50th Birthday Party Planning Checklist

A 50th birthday party planning checklist is a MUST for any party. This will not only ensure that nothing is missed, it will also alleviate some of the planning stress!

A checklist is an easy way to ensure your 50th birthday party is flawless.  Lists, lists, and more lists, right here to get you started!

This page is full of great lists and checklists to help you run a smooth party planning operation.

The checklist will break down your party planning process starting a month (or more) before the party.

And it will break down everything you need up until the big day.

Birthday Planning Checklist

We want to help make your party a success, so here's a sample list that costs nothing but the paper & ink to print it!

Something to do with this list to help keep you organized and focus is to create a folder. Staple this list to the front of the folder. Inside the folder you can put many things like:

  • your grocery lists
  • cake design sketches
  • party supply list
  • breakdown of your budget
  • guest list
  • ideas for invitations
  • plan for decorating
  • menu ideas
  • a personal itinerary of when you need to do everything

And here's another Tips & Cheat Sheet you can download:

Birthday Supplies List

Another lifesaver in the party planning adventure is a party supplies list. This list will make sure you don't forget any necessary items you need for a successful party.

This supply list will itemize everything you need (other than groceries - those are party specific and need their own detailed list).

We have put together a sample supply list you can use; leaving a few blank spaces on the bottom for some personalized supply items you may need.

With these 50th birthday party planning tools in hand, you will be sure to wow your guests with an unforgettable night!

Now that you have these checklists, let's get back to the party planning steps.

50th Birthday Party Planning Checklist