50th Birthday Speech Samples

Do you need help getting the creative juices flowing? Check out our 50th birthday speech samples to help get some ideas! These are some sample speeches that I would present should I have a 50th birthday to attend.

At this point your probably wondering where to start. I've created these samples to help give you a stepping stone to start your perfect birthday speech. Feel free to use these as a base for your own, but please do not publish these on any other websites.

50th Birthday Speech From Wife to Husband

He may be an old fart, but still young at heart! I want to thank you all for being here. I'm going to use it ... the ultimate F word! John's turned fifty!! Even scary is knowing I'm not far behind!

Though many years have pasted, I can still remember every one I've spent with him like it was yesterday. He is truly one of a kind, and I am delivering this speech to honor him and the amozing memories he has created that we all have to cherish.

50 is a big number and I've been lucky to spend the last 30 of them with him.

30 years and nothing has changed - except less hair and more love.

30 year to make the perfect butt indent in the couch

30 year long to do list - and I'm proud to say it is half done!

30 years to grow more in love.

The fishing tales continue, but that fish that got away keeps getting bigger!

The "honey do" list still keeps growing.

And his ability to forget birthdays and anniversaries have never improved.

Even with all these quircks he is still the most wonderful man, husband and father. He can now newly add wonderful grandfather too!

He has been teaching for 30 years and this passion will continue even after retirement with 4 grand children hanging on his every word.

He always makes us laugh - like the time he had that "big catch" of a fish that he attempted to reel in. He was concentrating so hard he fell straight in the water! And after all that, and wet clothes, he realized his big catch was a large stump of a log!

He has always been the shoulder to bear the weight - ensuring no natter what his family and friends are happy.

Let's take his night to celebrate John and all his amazing qualities and the impact he has on our lives.

Raise your glasses and let's toast to an amazing husband, loving father, caring grandfather and great friend... and most of all a true gem that we are all grateful to have in our lives.

To John!

50th Birthday Speech for that Special Father

First and foremost Happy Birthday to the world's greatest dad!

Thank you to everyone for joining me in celebrating my fathers 50th birthday. I hope you all enjoy the evening as much as we are.

When I think of my dad I think of the person I looked up to and strived to be like. My dad has always made sure those he loved were cared for (even if he wasn't). He always made sure even in the rough times us kids never knew the struggles.

Like everyone else my childhood was less than perfect - but dad always made the best of it and made it perfect for us.

Dad has always been known for his calm and soothing demeanor. A running joke is that dad has two speeds "slow" and "reverse". He always takes every day one at a time and not sweat the small stff. I swear dad will live to 150 because he never stresses about anything.

If any of you have spent enough time with dad you wuold know what I mean when I say dad has an amazing sense of humor though his jokes are, shall we say, different - but admittedly I laugh so hard I almost cry. The famous dad joke ... wait for it

What is orange and green and red all over?? A wounded cheezie hopping in the grass!

It goes without saying but my dad means the world to me and I will always be daddy's little girl!!

Hopefully these 50th birthday speech samples give your some great ideas for your very own speech. Good luck and get creating!!

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