50th Birthday Themes: Everything You

This theme comes from our collection of 50th birthday themes: It's all about them in this "everything you" theme!

This is a great theme to use as an ode to the guest of honor. You can use these 50th birthday party themes to show everything great about the birthday boy/girl.

Not only will they feel extra special with everything being about them, it will also show how much you care about them - and show how much you really know about them!

The Everything You 50th Birthday Themes are also a lot of fun.

It's a way to exhibit them and their experiences and accomplishments.

It gives a way for great laughs when you share their life stories -- the funny times, the good times, the embarrassing times.

With this type of theme, there are no specific colors to use. Gold is traditional, but black and white is also common.

Another idea is to use a color scheme that is a favorite to the birthday boy/girl. For example, my favorite color is pink. So a good scheme for me would be pink and match it with white or black.

50th Birthday Decorations

Balloons: Follow your desired color scheme and fill the room with balloons. You can also get personalized balloons. On these personalized balloons you can have pictures printed on them. Print your favorite pictures of the birthday person or from their life.

You can also have things printed on them - use things like their nickname, their name, their birthday, sayings they use, etc.

Streamers & Banners: For the streamers and balloons in this Everything You 50th birthday themes you can use your specified color scheme for the streamers. For the banners you can put the usual "Happy 50th Birthday!".

You can also make one big banner and have all the birthday guests sign it and put their favorite time with the guest of honor.

Dinnerware & Utensils: For the utensils you can use the color theme you have chosen (which is their favorite colors). For the plates you can have their picture printed on the plates - so as everyone eats they get to see the guest of honor. You can pick one picture of them, or fill the plates with many different pictures of great times with the guest of honor.

The 50th Birthday Cake

For your "everything you" cake, you can do many things. There is now the option to have pictures printed onto cakes, that are still edible. You can pick out one favorite pictures of the birthday person and have it printed.

You could also create your own collage with a graphic program and have them print that collage onto the cake.

Another option is to have a cartoon drawn of the guest of honor out of icing.

Or you could get a cake made to match their favorite past time or hobby. 

For example, men might like a fishing cake, a hunting themed cake, a race car themed cake, etc.

50th Birthday Themes for Centerpieces

Centerpieces: To create nice centerpieces you can do something simple like balloons with the theme colors.

Or you can buy photo frames - or there are things like cubes you can put pictures in. Fill those frames with pictures of the birthday person.

You can buy or borrow digital frames or tablets and load them with numerous pictures of the person and place them on the table so the entire table can see the different pictures.

A photo tree can make a really interesting centerpiece.  Have friends and family contribute copies of photos featuring the birthday person and fill the tree with these pictures.  Everyone will love this unique look at the person of the day!

You could even create a slideshow of the photos and put them on a big screen, or a laptop screen beside the birthday cake.

50th Birthday Favors and Keepsakes

50th birthday keepsake

For a keepsake from your everything you 50th birthday themes you can give away the centerpieces. Another idea is to get key chains that you can put pictures in.

Try to find pictures that each person can relate to - for example, events they attended with the guest of honor, or if possible pictures of the birthday girl/boy with that specific guest.

A Keepsake for the birthday person could be as simple as a birthday card that everyone signed, maybe extra large. Or it could be something a little more interesting like a signature "mascot". ==>

This theme is very versatile and gives a lot of insight into the birthday person.

It truly makes it their day - special and all about them!

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