50th birthday

by Leo

Theme for 50th birthday I am thinking

Woman: dress in any color start with P ( pink, peaches, .....),
Man : white and blue or black

Party will be in club with dancing floor, the most music is ballroom music,.

Party person loves ballroom dancing but not every one in party loves ballroom dancing, so the theme of ballroom dancing is not correct.

Would you advice me ?

Hello Leo,

Your party plan sounds great!

I think since your party person loves ballroom dancing, it should definitely be part of your plan, but as you mentioned, it may not be suitable for everyone else. I suggest you choose a theme that would allow for a variety of dance styles.

How about Retro Dance Party? You could have ballroom dancing and other dances from the 20’s, like the Charleston or the Shimmy.

From the 50’s you could have the Twist, Mashed Potato, etc.

There will probably be a Ballroom dancing style that could fit each decade if you spend a little time doing some research.

For example, the Foxtrot (ballroom version) would fit a 50’s category. You could have the ballroom style Foxtrot and then the Rock and Roll version for “Rock Around the Clock.”

You could recruit friends to help you put together a fun theme with Ballroom dancing heavily involved. Having others involved will add to the excitement leading up to your party.

Good luck with your party plan!

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