All About Me!
Your 50th Birthday Party Expert

Hi and thanks for visiting my new site!

This is my 2nd SBI website.  This one was originally founded by Amanda (see below).

My first site is LifeAfterJob, which I still love. But I wanted something a little more fun, but sort of related, to go along with it. I think adding 50th Birthday Party Ideas makes a great combination.

Unlike Amanda, I've already experienced a 50th Birthday, which was awesome, since my husband treated me to a trip to Paris. You may see some of those photos around the site.

I hope you enjoy 50th Birthday Party Ideas, and if you have suggestions for making it better, feel free to contact me or visit on Facebook.



A Little About This Site's Founder, Amanda:

This site was founded by Amanda. Her current site is

From Amanda:

HELLO! If you're like me you always want to know who it is that is giving you all this information. Well, it is me, Amanda! I am your neighborhood 50th birthday party expert.

I have yet to hit my 50th birthday party as I have mentioned, but very excited for that day. I do have a sneaking feeling that my 30th and 40th, and 50th will be filled with pranks from revengeful family and friends :)

I am hoping to someday turn into a website guru and be able to share so much more with the world - maybe Sitesell will help me retire by 30!

Proudly Canadian! I am from Northern Ontario, Canada and I have lived in a few different places around the province (and a short time in Alberta).

Now, of the many parties I have attended, planned and helped others plan, the one  I remember the most is my dad's 50th birthday.

Next on my agenda is MOM - only 2 more years, hee hee. (Update: Mom has hit the big 5-0. We've added some of the humor we used for her big day... click here to check it out)

I'm never sure what people want to know about the creator and author of a website, so I hope I have alleviated some of your curiosity but feel free to join me on Facebook and I am always around to answer any of the curiosities I have missed.

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