Creative 50th Birthday Gift

For those one of a kind home made gifts, check out our creative 50th birthday gift! What's a better way then to make sure your gift is creative than to make it yourself. You will be sure your gift will not be duplicated if you create it yourself. Not only is this super creative, it is a TON of fun!

I'm focusing on creative home made gifts, as I find its the best way to be creative. You can also purchase some of these gifts in stores as well, if time is of the essence or you aren't the crafty type.

Picture Collage

You can create a collage of pictures on the computer using graphics software. Once it is created you can print it out and frame it. If you aren't familiar with the graphic softwares you can create a hand made version. Print out all your desired pictures. cut them out and glue them all on a piece of bristol board and you can frame it - or if its too large for a frame, you can have it laminated. Another option for a collage is to buy the large picture frames that allow you to put more than one picture - there are even ones that overlap and look like a collage. You take your desired pictures and place them in each section of the frame. All of these options will have the same affect - they will have a gift with years of memories in it!

Video Collages

These creative gifts are similar to the picture collages except they are videos. Using software on your computer you can create a video collage of videos from over the years, have this video with music to it - use music they like or just music with lyrics that have alot of meaning to you. If you don't have alot of videos or you never took videos over the years, you can still do this with pictures. Create a slide show, add music and even add captions on the different slides. Put it on a disk and "ta da" you have a very creative birthday gift!


These creative gifts can also be hand made and have tons of memories and thought in them. You just need to purchase a scrapbook from your local craft store, some glue, paper and other craft items to decorate with. Choose all your desired pictures and write out some pages of memories you have with the birthday person. Then take all these items and decorate a scrapbook full of pictures and memories. Vary the pages by having some with pictures, others with stories written out. With the pictures your can add captions to explain what the pictures are from. Make sure to add lots of decorations like glitter, cut outs, stickers, etc. This will give them a gift they can look back on year after year.

Thought Books

These are creative 50th birthday gift that are great for a number of people to give together - it's the kind of gift the entire family gifts to someone. With this gift you purchase a nice note book, or scrap book. Have every member of the family write out a page about the birthday person - they can write how they feel about the, how much they love them, great memories, funny stories, etc. Give each person a piece of paper (so that it's the style of paper you want in the book) and have them write out what they want in the book. Take all these pages and create the book. On the two pages that are beside each other you can have one side with a picture of the birthday person with the person who wrote the page, and the page beside it you glue in the written page. Do this for everyone and for yourself of course. Make sure you got everyone, you can even have out of town friends and relatives mail back the page and add them in too! This gives everyone a space to tell that person how great they are.

Other Creative 50th Birthday Gift

- paint mugs or t-shirts with witty sayings.
- have everyone autograph something like a t-shirt, framed paper, stuffed animal, etc.
- create a jar for change, add a label that says something like "Retirement Fund", "Bingo Fund" or "Fishing Fund" or something that relates to their interests.

And always add a home made card! Cards are quickly looked at and usually end up in the trash weeks or months later. If this card is home made, it will be a keepsake they will store away for years to come!

Home made gifts can be a little more time consuming they have a lot of thought and meaning behind them. These creative 50th birthday gifts will be kept for years to come. Cherished and looked at over and over. Any person would LOVE a home made gift, no matter how corny you think it would look like!

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