Funny 50th Birthday Poem

Get a great laugh with these funny 50th birthday poem. What better way to celebrate than with a good laugh!

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The party balloons are red,
The streamers are blue,
We've gotten your lazy butt out of bed,
and thrown this great party for you!

Here are a few poems I thought might bring you a good laugh:

Here's one you can use to brainstorm your own variations and come up with funny poetry that fits your 50th birthday person.

In My Head I'm Not Fifty

There must be a mistake
oh how my back aches

Where did the time go
look how those candles glow

In my head I'm still twenty
that must have cost plenty

I feel a bit sniffy
there's no way I can be fifty!

The idea of this poem is that the person has two trains of thought going back and forth. One about the day and one about how they feel about it.

To write your own little poem from this idea, think about the things that are different between a 50 year old versus someone younger and brainstorm a few rhyming words.

Yours will probably be much funnier, just have fun with it!

The following poems are from The following poem came from, but the website is no longer online.

50 Reasons
(This is a little poem inspired by the Paul Simon Song "50 Reasons to Leave Your Lover")

The problem is you're not as young as you used to be
But it's not that bad if you think creatively
I'll try and help you think of how to be happy
there must be fifty reasons to celebrate today
So get out the cake, Jake
Blow up the balloon, June
Open the gifts - swift
It's your birthday
Don't be shy, guy
Don't complain, Jane
Enjoy your day, Ray
You don't have to do much
Just enjoy your birthday
it's okay to be fifty
There's so many things you've done
And in these years you've had some fun
so let's celebrate it tonight
there must be fifty reasons to celebrate today

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