Funny 50th Birthday Quotes

Why not use these Funny 50th Birthday Quotes for a good laugh in your birthday card or invitation. These can also work great in power points or videos, speeches or collages as well.

Or make up your own original phrase. Who knows, it could become famous, too.

** As this is a quote page, it is pretty obvious I did not write these, nor am I taking credit! If I know the author I have put it with the quote*

Have a good laugh with these funny birthday quotes:

Time and Tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty.

About the only thing that comes to us without effort is old age.

Inside every older person is a younger person – wondering what the hell happened.

Age is a number and mine is unlisted.

Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.

After 30, a body has a mind of its own.

Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative.


A great way to use these quotes would be to gather up a bunch of photos of your birthday person and match a phrase or quote to each photo. Then create a really well-done scrapbook. This would be loads of fun to pass around at family gatherings even after the big 50th birthday celebration.


Here are a few more...

Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional

The old believe everything; the middle aged suspect everything: the young know everything. *Oscar Wilde*

The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.*Lucille Ball*

Just remember, once you're over the hill you begin to pick up speed. *Charles Schulz*

A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age. *Robert Frost*

Another idea for using quotes in your scrapbook:

If your birthday person has a favorite celebrity, put pictures and quotes from that person in the scrapbook.

Use their favorite colors and other favorite things to decorate the scrapbook.

You could also have the photo book published if you aren't the scrapbooking type.

These are good ways to show them you gave a lot of thought to their 50th birthday, and that you pay attention to what they like.

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