Games for 50th Birthday Party Events

There are many games for 50th birthday party events that work great, not only for the fun, but also as icebreakers. Alot of the time for these parties most people will know each other, as well as the guest of honor. But no one knows everything about a person, these games can be a ton of fun to learn little tidbits of information about your friends and family.

There are a number of games for 50th birthday party that will work great for group events.


Icebreaker games are a fun way to get to know each other, and get the party going. There is a variety of games you can use, some of these you may have been involved in at other parties or even at work.

Icebreakers are very common in the workplace, but people don't see the fun they can create at a party - with people you already may know.

Two Truths & a Lie: This is a common game in alot of events, like work, school and parties. It is very simple.

Everyone takes a turn telling three pieces of information about themselves - two of them are true and one lie. The rest of the people need to guess which one is a lie.

You can give little prizes for right guesses.

A twist you can use for a 50th birthday party game instead is make each person say 2 truths they know about the birthday boy/girl and one lie. Have everyone guess what's the lie. Try to make these things that only you know about the person (but make sure it's not personal and private).

Famous Person: For this party game you would tape a name of a famous person on the back of each person. For the first half of the party each person must ask for hints as to which famous person they are. First one to guess their famous person gets a prize.

First Impression: As everyone enters the party tape a piece of paper to their back and give them a pencil. Have everyone mingle and write their "first impression" of each guest on their back. Make sure these impressions are not rude or mean, just funny or nice. If everyone already knows each other, like family, you can change it up and make it that each person must write something funny they know about the person, or a funny event that happened.

Stickers: Upon their arrival give each guest a pack of 10 stickers. Buy these at a dollar store or party store, theme the colors of them to your party. 

The object is to get rid of your 10 stickers by sticking them on other guests.

BUT ... Here's the catch! The guest must not notice that you stick your sticker on them. If they catch you, they get to stick you. First to get rid of all their stickers wins.

Games for 50th Birthday Party: BOARD GAMES

There are also many board games for 50th birthday party events that you can play together. These board games are created for large groups and can cause for a sore stomach from all the laughing. I can vouch that CRANIUM causes for some funny memories.

** All these games are available to be purchased in retail stores, most are fairly inexpensive and can be used over and over **

Cranium: The object of the game is to move around a track and into the center, first one to the center wins. The adventure is on the way to the center. You are divided into teams and as you round the board you must work together to complete the tasks. It can be trivia questions, Pictionary style trivia, charades, sculpting with modelling clay, humming a tune, etc.

Pictionary: The object of this game is to get your team to guess what the saying/word on your card is. You are only allowed to communicate through pictures.

Malarky: This is a bluffing game. You are asked off beat questions and are required to give an answer, it is the goal of the other player's to figure out what is the correct answer.

Monopoly: This one doesn't even need explanation! But there are many kinds of monopoly. Some are themed to movies or cities, and much more.

Quelf: Another great party game, that required everyone to make a fool of themselves. This is not a game for someone extremely shy. Again, the object is to round the board to the finish, but along the way you will encounter one of four categories of cards.

It's these cards that are the danger.

You can be required to do things like:

  • Demonstrate your own animal inspired yoga moves for 30 seconds
  • Before speaking (at any time for the rest of the game) you must ask your left foot for permission to speak in the squeakiest voice you make.
  • Leap frog with the person to your left 10 times.

People tend to think that as we age we are too old to play games, but all of these games are a great way to get everyone involved and have a great party!

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