Unusual 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Are you looking for that unusual 50th birthday gift?

If you thought your special birthday person already has everything and there’s nothing you could possibly give that would surprise them, you really need these unusual 50th birthday gift ideas.

Do you like getting looked at like you have two heads when someone opens your gift? Do you need something no one would dream of getting for their birthday?

These are gifts they are sure to never guess before opening.

Bestow a Title from Nobility

Has your birthday person ever said they were born in the wrong time and they would have wished to be born into royalty or medieval times?

Why not give them a noble title? Baron, Baroness, Count, Countess, Lord and Lady.

We found a company in the U.K that offers deeded titles like these, some of which are of ancient origins!

Some of them include tickets to a Manorial Ball that is exclusive to nobles.

On the day I visited their site, they offered a Barony in Scotland that included land, hunting privileges, the Ball tickets, rights to a coat of arms, and the legal documents to the rights of titles Baron and Baroness that can be added to your legal identification.

Other titles come from Italy, Ireland, England, and other countries.

(Note: I recommend you investigate carefully. Some offers appear to be legitimate, but some may not be.)

Visit nobility.co.uk to learn more about this

unique and unusual 50th birthday gift idea.

Excerpt from their site:

noble titles

An Undersea Birthday Party

Screenshot from their website:

unusual gift hotel undersea

What a surprise gift this would be! Reservations to spend the night under the sea in an underwater hotel at the Florida Keys.

This would only work for the more adventurous among us, like someone who is already into water sports.

Contact Jules' Undersea Lodge or visit their website for more information on this unusual birthday gift idea.

Jules' Undersea Lodge
at Key Largo Undersea Park
51 Shoreland Drive
Key Largo, Florida 33037

Telephone: (305) 451-2353

More Unusual Gift Ideas

We need to cross those lines and break some boundaries and here are more great ideas for an unusual 50th birthday gift:

  • Buy a star and have it named after them.
  • Buy a small tree. Help plant it where it can grow over the years and be a reminder of their amazing 50th birthday celebration. As they grow older the tree will too.
  • Create a CD with a hit song from every year of their life from the year they were born and onwards.
  • Find a newspaper article from the day they were born, if possible from the city where they were born.
  • Make a scrapbook with pictures of all the milestones of their life. Create it in a progression from baby to current. You can even predict their future and show what you think the future might hold.
  • Post birthday wishes in a newspaper with a picture of them, either a baby picture or a teenage picture.
  • Make one of their wishes come true. For example, if they wish to be a race car driver, set up a training session at a race track.
  • Create a slide show of pictures of them and from their life, have it play with music from the years the pictures were taken. Give it on DVD as well as playing it at their party.

To make sure your gifts are unique and unusual it easy! Just don't think conventionally, use creativity and have fun.

The best gift is a well thought out gift, not just run into a store and grab something. Put some thought into your gifts, think about the person you are buying it for.

Look at their interests, likes/dislikes, favorites, etc. From there decide on something they would just LOVE when they open it, or something they would want to cherish for the rest of their life.

Unusual gifts do not need to be big and expensive - all you need is a thought behind the gift. That's why there's a saying "it's the thought that counts"!

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