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50 plus 1

My husband will be celebrating his 51st birthday, but I want to make it into a 50th birthday celebration for friends and family since we could not celebrate

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Toast Your Dad's 50th

Looking for ideas to toast your dad's 50th? Come on in and use these speech templates for your dad's 50th birthday party.

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Double Birthday - Father and Son Milestone Birthday Party Idea

We're celebrating my husband's 50th birthday and my son's 13th. This is a milestone year for my husband and son. (Dad born on the 18th, son born on the

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Any 50th B-Day Party Themed Drinks?

I'm having my 50th birthday party and along with catered food, I will have my normal wide assortment of beers and wines. However, are there any 50th B-day

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50th birthday

For a theme for a 50th birthday party, I am thinking of this: Women: Dress in any color start with P (pink, peach, purple, etc.), Men: Wear white and

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Winter Birthday Theme

Someone’s turning 50 in December? We have some ideas for a winter birthday theme that might help you plan a perfect 50th birthday party.

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Fondant Birthday Cakes Tutorial

Your Essential Guide to Awesome Fondant Birthday Cakes is a tutorial that shows you how to make fondant for professional looking cakes.

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Birthday Cake Designs

When you are brainstorming for birthday cake designs for a 50th birthday celebration, take the time to find just the right birthday cake ideas like these.

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50th Birthday Surprise Activity

What can I do with my friend on her birthday as a surprise . Her party is the night before! Hi Margaret, Here are some ideas: - Schedule a manicure,

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Paris Party Theme

For a French or Paris party theme, we have plenty of ideas for you here, where you will find suggestions for decorations, venues, and food; and Paris pictures to help get you in the mood.

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Cool Birthday Cakes

For really cool birthday cakes for adults, you just need a little creativity and thinking outside the standard sheet cake or layer cake. Pics too.

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Unique 50th Birthday Gifts

Ideas for unique 50th birthday gifts, some you can buy and some you can make with costs from almost nothing to several thousand..

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50th Birthday Celebration Ideas

For 50th birthday celebration ideas: a Flashback party, a James Bond party theme, and a coming of age party.

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Conduct A Seance

For an October birthday theme, conduct a seance for an unusual and unique 50th birthday party.

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Sister 50th Formal party

I am planning a 50th birthday and had a few questions the date-is it okay to send electronically and indicate early on no children allowed 2.

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Finding the right party

How do you find the right birthday party for a 50 year old man? The key to deciding on the right party for a 50 year old guy is to think about his personality

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50th Birthday T Shirts

These 50th birthday t shirts will make for a great party favor!

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50th Birthday Party Supplies

Ideas and resources for 50th birthday party supplies, and a free supplies shopping list you can download now.

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a non 50th birthday party!??

Hi! name is Sophia Hunter. I have a close friend who does not like her birthday at all. Her birthday is on New years Eve and she feels it is not her

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X Husband

I have been divorced for many years. My X, who lives out of the state, will be in town on his birthday to visit our children (who are all teenagers).

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