50th Birthday Party Store

Welcome to my 50th Birthday Party Store! 

Hopefully this page will help make your party planning easier and loads of fun! If you prefer to do your own searches, Amazon is my favorite one-stop-shop for unique products.

And I'm a big fan of Amazon Prime because it can save a ton on shipping, and on top of that benefit you can get loads of great TV and movies!  If you haven't joined Prime yet, check out the free trial for 30 days.

Happy Party Planning!   (Scroll down to see the Black and White Theme Shop, too.)

Why I Shop at Amazon

When I'm shopping for something specific, I've found that it takes much more time to drive from store to store hoping one will have exactly what I'm looking for.  And many times I don't find it anyway and end up ordering online. 

So now I just automatically go to Amazon.  With my Prime membership I get fast shipping, usually at no extra cost, PLUS, if I really need it tomorrow it doesn't cost a huge amount, just a few dollars.

Most of the time Amazon has the best selection, too. 

With a Prime membership, besides great deals on shipping, I also get another option for entertainment.  Over the past month, for example, I just watched 4 seasons of The Good Wife, for FREE!

Just so you know, I may receive a small bonus if you shop with Amazon through links on this page, but hopefully having them here is helpful to you and you agree that my site is worthy of any such support. I really hope so, otherwise all my work is wasted!

Even so, I shop with Amazon myself, so everything I'm telling you is how I really feel.

Thanks for visiting 50th Birthday Party Ideas and the Party Shop!

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