50th Birthday Poems

50th birthday poems are a nice touch to add to a number of things. You can add these to cards, speeches, or you can use them as a gift on their own.

These birthday poems can be incorporated into your cards - either by writing them in a store bought card, or using them in your homemade cards.

As a gift, you can type up the poem on a nice decorative piece of paper and frame it. This is a touching, one of a kind gift for that special someone.

If you have arranged to have speeches presented at the birthday party, you can use these poems with them.

There are many styles of poems you can create

* Important note: The birthday poems on this site are provided to give you poetry ideas. You can also use them on birthday greetings, but you cannot distribute or publish them yourself.

Celebrate this day, In an extraordinary way.
This day is all for you, but we can be sure to party too!

You've turned 50, hooray!
Let's remember your life and every memorable day!
Let's tell you how great you are,
And no, we are not buying you a car!
Let's celebrate the first day of the best half of your life,
So pick up the knife,
Let's cut the cake... and celebrate!

Or why not explore writing something of your own. Get a pad and paper, find a quiet place, and just start brainstorming.

What do you want to write? Something funny or something sweet?

Think of poems you've read before and why you liked them. Then just write down phrases and words you might use. Let your mind play with it.

Next, go do something like washing your car, cleaning house, or just about anything where your mind can wander as you do it.

You just might come up with some great ideas when you least expect it.

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