50th Birthday Signs

Here are some great tips and tricks to help create the perfect 50th birthday signs. These can be homemade or purchased; as simple as Bristol board or something made by a party store.

First step is to decide what you want your sign to look like and say. Create a sketch of the idea in your head.

With this sketch in hand, the next step is to decide if you want to create the 50th birthday signs by hand or have them created by a party store or print store.

If you are hand making the signs its as simple as Bristol board and markers - or you can jazz it up with other crafty items, like glitter, streamers, paint, etc. If you are purchasing the birthday signs it's as simple as contacting your local print or party store for more details.

Check out our 50th birthday sayings for some great sayings to put on your birthday signs.

You can use free clipart to create fun signs to really make people smile and laugh. This will set the tone for the rest of the party, too. Visit our other pages for more about free clipart.

These birthday signs are great for all birthdays They are great decorations as well as a way to show people where the party is - because what kind of party would it be if all your guests got lost!

These birthday signs can be taped up to different areas of the party spot or attached to a stick and place them along the road to the venue. To help make these signs stand out you can buy a few helium balloons and attach them to the signs.

But Don't Let The Secret Out

One clause to this idea is not to use signs along the road to the party location if it is a surprise party! This may give the surprise away!! If it's a surprise party of course you can still use these signs at the venue to help decorate.

Another thing you can use signs for is to decorate the yard on the actual birthday. If they don't have a yard you can always decorate their office or cubicle at work.

Make sure they get lots of attention so everyone knows they are having a big five-oh birthday! Put out something outrageous to call attention, like hot-pink flamingos, with the signs.

50th Birthday Signs are a great way to let the world know about this special 50th birthday, so be creative and have fun with them!

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