How To Write A 50th Birthday Speech

Do you need to write a 50th birthday speech, but don't know where to start? Here's some tips on how to write a birthday speech.

We've created this helpful guide to give you some tips and tricks to creating a perfect speech.

The Structure

For your 50th birthday speech structure you will use the same structure you would for a school essay or presentation:

  • Introduction
  • Body Idea #1
  • Body Idea #2
  • Body Idea #3
  • Conclusion

With this basic structure you will have a well organized speech. Below we will go over some tips and tricks for each section of your speech.

The Brainstorming

This is the meat and potatoes of your speech. Write down everything you want to say. This is where you decide all your content, before you put it into the structure.

Ask yourself . . . Who is the speech for? . . . What style do you want? . . . And how long do you want your speech?

Here are some ideas for things you can use in the content of your speech:

  • Famous quotes, funny birthday quotes or sayings
  • Personal milestones they have achieved in their life
  • Endearing characteristics and qualities
  • Special goals they wish to achieve in the future
  • Their hobbies and past times
  • What they wanted to be when they grew up, and what they actually became
  • Special memories and experiences you have had with that person
  • What this person means to you
  • Historical events that happened on their birthday
  • Popular songs.movies that were out the day they were born
  • Extraordinary adventures they have been on
  • How you met

Writing Your Speech

Write the body of your 50th birthday speech first. Once you have a solid body, you can compliment it with the Introduction and Conclusion. After your body is ready, write the conclusion. And finally, once that is completed move on to the introduction.

After everything is done, PROOFREAD . . . PROOFREAD . . . and . . . PROOFREAD!

Last step, rehearse. Say your speech in a mirror. This gives you a chance to make sure it flows, the grammar and language are okay, and you covered everything you wanted.

Here are some other tips:


  • Make sure its something to grab everyone's attention
  • Small jokes, or good natured poke at their age may be appropriate
  • Introduction is the first impression
  • Use a hook - something that catches attention.


  • End with a thank you for having the opportunity to present your speech
  • Use a call to action - Something like a toast to the guest of honor
  • Make it highly memorable
  • If applicable, introduce the next person

Other Tips and Hints

  • Make your speech between 3 to 5 minutes
  • Must be appropriate to your audience, should their be children make sure its family friendly
  • Light hearted humor works well
  • Make it sincere. Don't make stuff up that you don't truly believe, people will see through a lie - and that can ruin a party

Follow these easy guidelines on how to write a 50th birthday speech and you will be able to write a memorable and special speech for that guest of honor. It is their big day, help them celebrate and feel special!

Here are some birthday speech samples to help get your creative juices flowing for that perfect 50th birthday speech!

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