50th Birthday Surprise Activity

by Margaret

What can I do with my friend on her birthday as a surprise . Her party is the night before!

Hi Margaret,

Here are some ideas:

- Schedule a manicure, spa day, or a massage followed by lunch for the two of you.

- If you know of something she's interested in, like a craft or hobby, see if there is a class or lesson you can schedule for the day.

- Take her on a flight in a hot air balloon or small plane or helicopter.

- Find a hotel that has a nice pool and book a room for the day. Lounge at the pool, visit the bar, have room service while you relax and read trashy novels or watch movies.

- Go on a sightseeing tour of your town or one nearby and pretend to be tourists. Where can you go in less than 2 hours that you haven't been before?

- Think of your friend's favorite thing to do and plan a day doing that. Does she love shopping, hiking, biking, gardening, reading, museums, art galleries? Think of a way to make it extra special.

- Arrange to meet two other friends for a long lunch date.

- Do something crazy - Go shopping for something you would never ever buy and try it all on. Think Goth, formal dresses, western wear, costumes, rock star, for example.

I hope these ideas will help you make a special birthday plan for your friend!

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