50th Birthdays

A special message for the birthday girl or boy. 

50th birthdays are an important milestone. It's an occasion that can be joyful . . . then again, depending upon your mindset,  it may not be. 

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Birthday Cake with Coffee

To the younger set, it might seem like the 50th birthday person has suddenly crossed over to Seniorville and is heading into the sunset . Those thoughts might come to the young and unknowing, but the older set smiles, confident in the knowledge that this birthday is merely a statement that there's still a lot of life ahead.

As someone who's been there, a 50th birthday isn't depressing at all, once you get used to the idea.  There's so much good that comes along with being 50. Stuff that's elusive or a chore to maintain in your younger years.  I'm talking about things like increased financial stability, emotional maturity, and the fact that one's sex drive is under control so you're no longer thinking with your you-know-whats!  :o) It's easier to make better decisions when your hormones aren't out of control, urging you to make stupid mistakes. 

And there's a bonus to a 50th birthday: it's almost time for AARP and the senior discount at Denny's!  Seriously, who doesn't love getting discounts on food?  Don't you enjoy eating out???

Like that famous Clairol commercial said ... and if you're 50, I'm sure you remember ...

You're not Getting Older, You're Getting Better

This is very true.  So focus on the good and not on the number!

50th birthdays eventually happen to just about everyone, but when you're growing up, you tend to think everybody's in the same "universe" as you, that they'll always be there and they won't change. In other words,  like a photograph floating though time, they'll always look the same and they'll always be exactly who they are in that particular moment in time.

But then one day, you go to the movies and your hunky action hero is now playing a dad or even a granddad in his latest film! And when you go for a health checkup, all the doctors look like kids, barely old enough to drive.  And when you meet with your friends, you notice a hint of silver at their temples and crowsfeet at the corner of their eyes.  It's beautiful, actually.  Wisdom does have its way of manifesting in all of us.

So let's give this a good look.

Look at Who's had 50th Birthdays

Remember I mentioned the universe we share with those with whom we grow up?  Well, our contemporaries are in that same boat, in that same "photograph."  Take a look at who's already turned 50 and you'll see, 50 happens to everyone eventually! These folks are, or will be 50 in soon:

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Renee Zelwegger
  • Rob Lowe
  • Julia Roberts
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Owen Wilson
  • Will Smith
  • Courtney Thorne-Smith 
  • Heather Locklear 
  • David Spade
  • Mike Myers 
  • Jim Carrey
  • and John Stamos, finally a father!

So if these folks can survive turning 50, you probably can, too.  

And there's a lot you can do now that you're 50...

Look What You Can Do at Age 50 that You can't when You're 21

Take a Cruise or Go to Vegas - Okay.  You could take a cruise when you're 21, but most likely you couldn't afford it much. You also might not be able to get away from work, or school obligations might make it difficult.  When you're 50, you can do more and you have more. And in Vegas, you'll more likely be comped at 50 than monitored through security cameras as you might be at 21.

Enjoy Some Quiet Time - Most likely your kids are grown and out of the house. When you're 50, you've done your job (or are nearly there) and are looking forward to lots of time doing what you've always wanted to. When you're 21, you're just getting started.

Forget Your I.D. and Still Get a Drink in Public - Chances are, nobody's going to card you, but if they do, make sure to give thim a really big tip!

Write Your Memoirs -  At 50, you finally have something to write about. At 21, you've barely gotten a job.

Have a Hard Time Getting in Trouble - When you're 21, trouble comes easily to some people. When you're 50?  Sure, it's possible to go down the wrong path, but you pay for it differently...usually with aspirin and Ben Gay.

You Don't Need a Co-Signer-  Most of us have established credit by this time in our lives and we can borrow more money then we'd ever want to. At 21, you're scraping to make ends meet.

So you see, 50th birthdays are not about getting old(er), they're about finally reaping the rewards of a life well-lived and the benefits of your labor.  It's not about coming of age like before. It's about coming into freedom and finally having the wherewithal to sculpt your life the way you want.

Lucky you. It's time to really start living.

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