50th Party Plan Infographic

Here's a 50th Party Plan infographic you can share on your favorite social media outlet. It's a simple cheat sheet or message of encouragement for someone tasked with planning such a memorable celebration.

Share it on your favorite Pinterest board or your Facebook page, and show everyone what a savvy party planner you can be!

You can also print this and post it near your "Party Central" work space.

Use the tips to setup reminders, task lists, and shopping lists. 

Don't forget the contact list, too!

Here are the major items, in case you can't print the graphic:

  • Plan ahead so you will have plenty of time to fit it all in your already busy schedule.
  • Choose a theme that fits your birthday person's personality.
  • Design your budget for food, decorations, invitations, cake, and venue.
  • Make a guest list, and gather all the contact information you'll need for the invitations.
  • Prepare shopping lists for each category of budget.

To go along with this party plan infographic, we also have a party planning checklist download you might need.

Most of all, have tons of fun as you prepare for this special event!

Other helpful pages of the site include the extra theme ideas pages, and the best gift idea pages. These pages are not on the menu at the top, so you might want to check them out from here in case you missed them.

I really hope you enjoy planning such a special celebration! 

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