Box of fifty years

by Karli
(New Jersey)

I want to give my Aunt a really fun gift for her 50th birthday. It will be from both my mom and I. We want to do a box of 50 things that each have a meaning to turning 50 (or something like this). Or maybe each thing has a meaning to each year up until 50. Do you have anything like this?



Amanda's Reply:

Hey Karli,

Your idea is a great one! So far on the site we do not have something like that, but definitely would be a great addition!

Some ideas are that you could do:
- 50 things that poke fun at being 50
- 50 things that remind you of your aunt
- 1 thing that would represent every year of her life
- 50 small gifts individually wrapped in a box

Here are some ideas of things to put in each of the above:

Poking fun at 50 - Prune juice, Depends, Reading glasses, Ensure shakes, False teeth, Cardigan, “Anti-Aging” pills, over the hill gag gifts etc.

For some great gag gifts check out our page on 50th Birthday Gag Gifts.

Reminders of her - Framed pictures of you and her, Mementos that remind you of trips you took, Things that remind you of her, CD with songs that would portray how you feel about her, etc.

Things from each year - Newspaper clippings, music from certain years, major events in world, major events in her life, Collage of Pictures from each year, etc.

Individually wrapped gifts - little things she likes, candy, chocolates, stuffed animals, jewelry, Gift cards, etc.

I’m sure she will love anything you give her, as long as you put your heart into the gift. Be sure to make it special and of course add a nice card to show her how much she means to you.

Hope this will help, and we would love to hear what you come up with, would make for great ideas for others to see!!

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