Cool Birthday Cakes for Grown Ups

For really cool birthday cakes, you just need some natural creativity, a little confidence, and thinking beyond the standard sheet cake or layer cake.

Choices to consider could be ice cream cakes, cakes decorated to fit your theme with either interesting shapes, yummy cream frostings, or gorgeous and artistic fondant creations. 

Or maybe healthy birthday cakes would fit your theme best.

Cool Ice Cream Cakes

For ultra cool cakes, think about ice cream cakes.

These are good choices when you want to serve ice cream and cake but don't want the hassle of scooping ice cream at the party table.

Another benefit is that everyone tends to eat less sweet stuff because each slice is half ice cream and half cake instead of a regular sized slice and a full serving of ice cream.

Ice Cream Cake Flavor Combinations

Mix and match these flavor ideas with some of your own to create a unique combination for your next cool birthday cake.

Cake Flavors

Yellow Vanilla Cake







Angel Food

Ice Cream Flavors



Butter Pecan



Cherry Vanilla


Rum Raisin

Themed Birthday Cakes

Themed birthday cakes are fun to design, and can be done with cake and frosting, but you can really let your creativity fly with fondant decorations.

With fondant you can use flat designs like the guitar cake designs on this page or this racing theme cake, but you can also use it like modeling clay to make figures.

Animal print cakes could fit a jungle theme or they might just be appropriate for a birthday person who simply loves animal print designs, like this zebra print cake, for example.

Look for animal print images that you can imitate with frosting or fondant, like this photo of a giraffe's coat.

Themes with Cupcake Birthday Cakes

If you want the convenience of cupcakes along with a theme, here are some ideas for sports themes.

Sports jerseys like football or soccer jerseys are really cute, but instead of cupcakes, you make individual cut outs from a sheet cake with a cookie cutter and fondant frosting decorations.

It's easy to decorate the tops of cupcakes like a soccer ball or basketball, too. White frosting with black design for soccer, or orange frosting with white, blue, brown, or black lines.

You can also match a theme with the cupcake liners.

These square cupcakes would match a more elegant blue color theme.

You can get square cupcake pans to make this one easier, or just cut the squares from a sheet cake.

You might get other themed cake ideas from our page of cake designs or our page of gorgeous cheesecakes.

cool birthday cake sports them
elegant square cupcake

Healthy and Cool Birthday Cakes... Kinda

Here's a luscious looking cake decorated with colorful fruit on a chocolate top. Adding fruit definitely improves the nutritional value, don't you think?

cool birthday cake topped with fruit

Healthy Birthday Cake Ideas

healthy mango cake

To make birthday cakes healthier, include fruit in the batter or as part of the decorations. For example, you can use half the fat and substitute apple sauce for the other half.

Instead of whipped cream, think about whether meringue might work in its place.

Angel food cake is much lighter but can still look like a nice sized cake.

And once again, as mentioned above, by making an ice cream cake you can reduce the total amount of calories you serve with a nice piece of cake the same size as you would have served but without the additional scoop of ice cream, and no one will notice.

My daughter, who is a bit of a health nut, makes a gluten free chocolate zucchini cake that's just great!

Who can't use an extra serving of fruits or vegetables in their day?

Did you get ideas for a really cool birthday cake from one of our pages?

We would really love to hear from you if we were able to spark an idea for you!

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