Creative Party Theme Ideas

Our creative party theme ideas are perfect for an over the top 50th birthday celebration. I’m sure you haven't thought of these amazing party ideas!

Is your birthday person a romantic who loves castles? What about trains, boats, and the sea?

Think about the most unusual interests your birthday person has ever mentioned, and then try to think of an unusual way to associate it with a really creative 50th birthday bash.

Has your spouse or friend ever been interested in the paranormal?  Hire a medium and host a seance

If it's in the Autumn months make it a costume party, too.

How about a friend who is a wine enthusiast, then you could arrange to have their 50th celebration at a vineyard or winery.

More Creative Party Theme Ideas

party in a castle

Adult Birthday Party Themes

A party on a train, in a castle, or on a cruise ship... or

How about a cozy party for 4 at an undersea hotel?

Plan a Party in a Castle

Castle in the NC mountains:

castle in NC available

Your 50-something birthday boy or girl might be in love with the Renaissance period.

Invite all your friends and book a few days at a castle and host your 50th birthday party with a Medieval style banquet.

Find a great castle for rent,  suitable for small to medium-sized groups, as well as others of various sizes.

Or if you're already in Europe or planning a trip there, you can book time in an ancient castle complete with history. There are many places that provide these services.

For a smaller, more intimate getaway, there is an affordable castle in the North Carolina mountains (pictured at right), perfect for a party of two, or two couples.

See our other ideas for birthday parties for two.

Birthday Party on a Train

party on a train

If your birthday person adores trains, wouldn't they love a party onboard one?

You can charter one or more private cars for their birthday party, either stationary or traveling. For example, one car for the party complete with lounge and bar, the other for sleeping if you decide to party on the move.

Undersea Lodge Party

undersea party idea

Plan a small party in an undersea hotel.

This creative party idea is perfect for water loving people who are already familiar with scuba diving.

To learn more about this creative birthday ideas, visit this page.

Plan a Cruise Party

Another fun and creative party theme is to plan a birthday cruise.

Your party group can gather in the dining room, move to a nightclub, or party at the pool.

Or plan for the celebration to take place at one of the ports of call.

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