Father /Son birthday in same date

by Fllanza Kajtazi
(Albania )


I want to give me any idea because my son and husband have in same date birthday (05 May) My son's 4th birthday and Husband 33.

I wait you ideas

Hi Fllanza,

One idea is to use the "Kids Again" theme (click to read about it), where all the party games can be played by both kids and adults, and it gives the adults a chance to revisit their childhood and play like children.

You could hire helpers or recruit friends to supervise and treat the adult party members as if they are kids.

Serve kid friendly foods like hot dogs, cupcakes, ice cream, and have party hats and favors for all.

I'm sure your 4 year old would love it, as well as his Dad.

I'm visualizing this as an outdoor party, but it could also work inside, too. Perhaps a skating or bowling party if indoors at home wouldn't fit.

I hope these ideas help give you even better ideas!

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