Finding the right party

How do you find the right birthday party for a 50 year old man?

The key to deciding on the right party for a 50 year old guy is to think about his personality and what makes him special and unique.

Is he outgoing and friendly? What are his interests, hobbies, and activities? Gather his closest friends and discuss what he likes, what he misses, what he likes to talk about, and then take all those things into account as you plan the party.

Does he like boats, beaches, fishing? Plan a party on a pontoon party boat, which you can usually rent on lakes and river areas for such occasions.

Does he like sports - then plan a party around those...

Is he a more literary type? What does he like to read? Plan a murder mystery dinner party with your local theater group or mystery dinner theater.

Maybe he would like a James Bond themed fancy dress party, or a casino theme.

What about a good old fashioned family reunion cookout party? If this is more fitting for your guy, ask everyone to bring family photos that include the birthday guy and create a photo slide show or bulletin board showing all those memories. Make copies of everyone's photos and present them in a book to the birthday person.

Hopefully this can get you started on finding the right party, but if you need more ideas see these pages:

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