French Theme Party Decorations and Supplies

French theme party decorations for a memorable party are the ones that set the stage for your guests to really participate in the theme. Photo opportunities, props, and backdrops can turn a run-of-the-mill party into a talk of the town celebration.

With these French theme party decorations and party planning ideas, your French or Paris theme party will be talked about for years to come, and that's what a 50th birth day celebration should be.

There are several types of French theme party decorations you can use for your party plan.

One idea is a cabaret theme, with bold colored decorations, especially lots of red, with feathers and black lace. Movie posters from the Moulin Rouge or advertising posters from the early 1900's make a nice display.

Another approach would be to go classical with murals, posters, or photographs of French architecture, faux statues and columns, and possibly iron work with a fleur de lis motif. Imitations of famous art work would work well as decorations, too.

For a more formal look, go with black and white decorations in French patterns with posters or photos of Paris scenes.

If you happen to be French, tell us what would make a truly French celebration.

Introduce Your French Theme Party

Carry your French theme from beginning to end by incorporating it into your party invitations. You might also want to coordinate your table supplies with your invitations, or at least make them similarly themed.

black and white fleur party supplies

French Theme Party Decorations to Set a French Mood

Depending on your venue, you might like to use theme related poster decorations to set the mood for your french theme party.

Ideas for poster images include the scenes, colors, and props from the Moulin Rouge movies, French architectural features, French Jazz or vintage advertising posters from Paris.

If you already have pictures of your own, you can have them printed in poster sizes at your local office supply store or an online print site.

These can be done for $20 and up depending on where you go and the printing features you add.

Another way to set the mood is with faux statues or murals. Plaster statues are fairly inexpensive and can be ordered online through These make great theme decorations!

Dress up the table with fancy theme plates and customizable place mats.

Don't Forget the Music

Don't forget the music "decorations" to round out your French theme party. French jazz would be my choice, and there are lots of options for posters to go along with it. If jazz isn't right for your party plan, you might find another type of music that has french connections.

Think of it as theme decorations for all of your senses.

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