"toast Your dad's 50th" Speeches

Are you looking for ideas to toast your dad’s 50th?  If so, this page is for you! 

You love your dad.  He’s an amazing father, after all. Now it’s his 50th birthday and you want to say something. You want to express your love in words, you want to say the right things, but you can’t think of how to start or what to say.

That’s exactly what this is for.  These are templates you can use and make your own!  I am totally fine on you using these for your offline personal use. Please don’t post them to the web, though.

Here we go. These are best for a son to use to toast his dad.

A Funny idea to toast your dad’s 50th

Dad, you’re always there when I need you.  You managed to make all my football games and only got thrown out once!  But don’t worry about that. That ref didn’t know what he was talking about. You weren’t swearing ... you were just being ... passionate!  

Seriously, Dad, you’ve been a wonderful father all these years.  You’ve helped me through thick and thin and I’m not even referring to my recent weight loss! You’ve always given a kind word of support at just the right time and your encouragement has gotten me countless things in my life.

  • Like the time my science project blew up and you stayed up all night fixing it for me, so I’d have something to take to school the next day.
  • Or the time my girlfriend broke up with me and you took me out that entire weekend to get my mind off of it.  

Yeah, sometimes you were more like a friend than a father.

  • Like that fishing trip where we tipped over in the boat and showed up at home soaking wet from head to toe.  

Mom’s a good sport. She puts up with us both. Thanks, Mom!

Now that you’re 50, Dad, I don’t want you thinking you’re old. Even though your birthdate looks like something out of a history book, you’re not old at all. You can still play basketball better than me, although it does help that you're 6 inches taller. And as long as you have an nap you can stay up all night, just like me!  Some people might think you’re old, but not me. I know I can still count on you to go camping, even if we have to camp closer to the bathrooms now.

I know I tease and poke fun, but you really mean a lot to me...to all of us.  We hope you enjoy your party because we had a great time putting it together. We did it to show you how much we love you and to make sure you didn’t get depressed!  

Here’s to Dad, everyone! [Raises glass]

A More Serious Idea to toast your dad’s 50th

Dad, we’ve gathered here tonight to honor you as an individual.  You are a special person to everyone in this room and too often, we don’t get around to telling you that. We hope you enjoy everything we’ve done for you here and take it in the spirit it was intended: a light-hearted expression of how we feel about you.

It’s also time to reflect and appreciate all the things you’ve accomplished in your life, including raising three great kids and making our mom so happy.  We all appreciate what you’ve done for us.

You’ve worked for 30 years at the same job, lost sleep over our teenage antics and in the end, still liked us enough to help pay our college education.

I don’t know where this family would be without you.  Who in the world is willing to put up this crazy family? You have one daughter who’s rock musician, another daughter who’s a bookworm and me, a nut for obscure computer programming languages.   With such a diverse interest base, it’s hard to figure out what any of us have in common, yet we all get along great! That is mostly due to you and your diplomatic ways. Not to mention your talent for conversation.

Anyway, Dad, this party is to thank you for everything and to let you know we appreciate you. Have a great time tonight and know that we love you!

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