Unique 50th Birthday Gifts and Ideas

Unique 50th birthday gifts are usually not very expensive. With a little imagination and some planning ahead you can create a touching gift that’s sure to please.

Be sentimental in thinking about how to make your loved one feel special and appreciated.  When you’re looking back on a long life of 50 years, how can you not be sentimental?

A Work of Art in Sculpture

Something big, personal, and one of a kind

Commission a sculpture of your birthday person or their favorite pet.  You could even give them a likeness of their favorite TV or movie character, if you thought they would appreciate it.

Imagine presenting the figure under cover for dramatic effect. They'll expect one thing and get something completely outrageous, like a bust of Homer Simpson!  That could be a fun joke, too!

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, you might need to shop around to find the right artist.  You’ll definitely need to allow ample time for the creative process.  Then gather up as many photographs of your subject as you can find.

One good place to find a sculptor and see examples of what you might need is Etsy.com.

Something smaller but still unique

Computer Mouse Sculpture

Think about the person’s interests and create a sculpture from modeling clay. 

If your sister is into gardening, you could sculpt a pair of gardening tools or a collection of flowers. 

If your dad is into cars, sculpt his favorite car or emblem into a paperweight. It’s amazing how easy this can be done with the polymer clays and craft supplies you can get these days.

Another option is to carve it from wood or plaster.

Take for example, the “computer mouse."  This little guy sits on the top of a monitor.

When gifts like this are heartfelt and made by someone you love, it will always brings a smile to the recipient's face.

pottery face mug

Amateur and professional clay artists are everywhere, either locally or on internet sites like Etsy. 

Instead of a simple photo mug, why not commission a custom mug or paper weight from a pottery studio? 

Just be sure to allow ample time because it takes time to dry and fire a piece of pottery, so for a fully custom piece you may need to allow 6 to 8 weeks plus shipping time, but this would be dependent on how busy your chosen artist will be.

Check with your artist before you order to make sure you can get it in time for gift-giving.

Other Artwork Ideas for a Unique 50th Birthday Gift

If you’re artistic, draw a portrait or caricature of the birthday person.  If you’re not, you can hire someone to do it for you inexpensively.  Check out Fiverr.com or Etsy.com to find people who can create these unique items. 

Once you have the drawing ready or other artwork printed, just find a nice frame for it and you’re done.

screenshot from fiverr

Sentimental and Unique 50th Birthday Gifts

What ideas for birthday gifts could be more unique than homemade gifts?  This type of gift shows that you’ve really put thought, care, and love into it, and that you didn’t just run out and buy something on a whim at the last minute.

A Thoughtfully Designed Photo Collage: "Your Life in Pictures"

Look back over the years and choose photos of your loved one at special times or with special people in their life.  Contact family and friends and ask them to contribute photos from their collections, too.

This photo collection can be used in a variety of unique 50th birthday gifts for him or her.  You could make a poster for display at their 50th birthday party that they can keep after the party.

For my mom’s birthday, my sister made a hardcover photo book that is now very special to my mother.  Members of the family contributed pictures so that everyone in Mom’s life is part of the birthday photo album.

Create a video slideshow of the photos on a digital photo frame.  You can display this at the 50th birthday celebration and then present it to the guest of honor at the end of the party.

Take it a step further and have family and friends speak on video about their memories of the photos you include in the collection.  Have them describe where the photo was taken and maybe share funny stories from that time.

Photo Objects Make Unique 50th Birthday Gifts

If you have any keepsakes that relate to the person’s history, include those.  For example, my mother makes quilts and I bet if I asked her for a quilt square she would give me one. 

These days you can put photos on almost anything, mugs, notebooks, even a case for an iPhone.  Ask someone to take a picture of you holding a Happy Birthday sign or use the photo of that gorgeous birthday cake you made and put that on a coffee mug, or whatever... 

Wouldn’t your mom or dad just love seeing that every morning? It’s an easy way to make them smile, don’t you think?

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