Unique, elegant 50th Birthday party themes!

by Cathie
(Sydney, Australia )

I need help with a unique, elegant birthday party theme for my 50th birthday in November.

It will be indoors & outdoors at my home in Sydney, so the weather should be (fingers crossed) warm. I am planning on having cocktails and substantial finger food and a dessert bar and of course cake!

What I need is a theme. I don't want anything tacky, "over the hill" etc - it has to be elegant and unique. Any ideas welcome


Hi Cathie,

A few themes that come to mind and that could be very elegant are these:

  • A masquerade party theme, which could be made into a challenge for your guests by relating it to a favorite TV series, book, or movie. For example, the costume requirement could be for characters related to Alice in Wonderland or Game of Thrones, or ??.

  • A fancy-dress or black tie cocktail party with a black and white or gold color theme. Make it all about you, with your favorite type of music, favorite style of dress, favorite signature cocktail and dessert.

  • A Paris themed party. But, it doesn't have to be Paris, it could be modeled after whatever place you love in the world, maybe a rainforest, or Hong Kong... Think about how you could evoke that mood at your home, then apply it to your decor, food, drinks, invitations, even the dress code.

Most importantly, get help with setting up for your party so you can be well rested and enjoy it.

Take a look the pages linked above, and if these ideas still don't get your thinking fired up, just drop me a note via my contact page and I'll try to add a few more ideas here.

Have fun planning your big event!

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